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1. Our working days are GMT (UTC+08:00) 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays, excluding weekends and public holidays.

2. For sales/order enquiries, kindly email us at contactus@exudewear.com with your order number.

3. All transactions (emails and payment verifications) will be attended within 48 hours (working days only).

4. Please refrain from sending us multiple emails within 48 hours if you do not receive a reply. This will mean your email is pushed further up and it will take us even longer to get back to you. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

5. All customers who have an account with us will automatically be added to our e-mailing list.






1. Please note that by adding item(s) into your cart, does not signify you have successfully purchased the item(s). Item(s) is only secured upon the receipt of your payment.

2. We only accept payments via Paypal and Stripe at the moment. Credit Cards on Mastercard and Visa can be used. More details on ordering can be found here.

3. Our prices are stated in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Prices are final upon payment. Refunds will be strictly not allowed in the event the item purchased is available on sale thereafter.

4. We are not liable for additional postage or taxes charged by your respective local courier, customs or Government, if any. Such payment is paid directly to the requesting organisation, and therefore shall be collected from you by the requesting organisation.

5. Please ensure that you reach Paypal's or Stripe's payment gateway page via our website to ensure that your payment is received and updated successfully in our system. Payments made via a new browser will not be synced to our server, and that will mean your order status will not be updated automatically.

6. Should you exit the payment gateway page and opt to transfer to our Paypal account separately, a refund will be made via store credits if we are unable to reach your payment email on time.

7. Additional charges for Paypal transfers are absorbed by us.






1. Kindly ensure you have created an account with us in order to track the status of your purchase.

2. Please select the correct item in the correct color, size and quantity before checking out. We are unable to make an amendments to a paid order.

3. Do note that measurements stated may vary from 0.5" to 1" as items are mass produced and measured. Returns due to this reason is not considered a defect.

4. For printed items, do allow for slight variance as every individual piece may appear differently due to fabric placement. Returns due to this reason is not considered a defect.

5. Colors shown may have slight variance on different screens as different technology devices have different specifications. Colours shown may also appear brighter on screen as photos are taken under studio lighting. As such, colors may be portrayed with slight differences. This applies especially for brighter hues. Returns due to this reason is not considered a defect.

6. Avoid soaking your new purchase to prevent a case of colour run.

7. Kindly ensure your full and correct address is provided. Orders with incomplete and/or incorrect address may result in lost or delayed mail. And as such, we are unable to accept any responsibility.

8. A re-mailing fee will be imposed should there be a failed/missed delivery due to incorrect/incomplete address provided, or any other reasons resulting in a bounced mail. 

9. If you have a gift code/store credits, please input the code before checking out for discount to be valid. No refunds will not be made for orders where code(s) are not entered at point of purchase.

10. Items purchased using Store Credits, Promotional Codes, and/or under Finale category are NOT eligible for Returns.

11. Our stocks are stored overseas to lower costs. Orders will be shipped in to us within 5-7 working days from our overseas warehouse and another 4-6 days to reach our customers after an order is placed with us.

12. Kindly ensure all required information are submitted during the payment process to avoid any delays in mailing out your orders.

13. Mailing days include weekdays only, excluding weekends and public holidays.

14. Cancellation of orders are not strictly not allowed.

15. Exude reserves the right to accept or reject any order(s).

16. Please refer to this page for more information on ordering and this page for more information on shipping.






1. Please refer to this page for more details on our return process.

2. In the situation of a defective item, we apologise in advance for the unintentional mistake. Kindly email us a photo of the defective area(s) at contactus@exudewear.com.

3. Returns must be post and dated within 14 days from your parcel received date.






1. Refunds will be made in the situation if an item cannot be mailed due to unforeseen circumstances.

2. You will be notified via email and refunds will be made within 10-15 working days from the date of your acknowledgement.






1. We recommend to hand wash all items in cold water. 

2. Separately wash Whites and light coloured clothes from deep coloured clothes.  

3. Do not soak. Soaking will increase the chances of a colour run. 

4. Do not bleach.

5. Turn your apparel inside out when washing. This will help to prevent dye running. 

6. Avoid leaving damp clothes in a pile. Wet clothing are prone to colour bleeding. Remove and dry them as soon as you can

7. Rewash colour-stained clothing separately immediately, before it dries. 

8. We do not guarantee that the items will not be altered (color runs, size shrinks.. etc) after washed or soaked. Exude will not be responsible and request for return due to this reason will not be entertained. 





1. Avoid contact with water, perfumes, moisturisers and cleaning products. 

2. Store away from direct sunlight.

3. Remove before showering or sleeping.

4. Wipe dry with a dry tissue.

5. Do not use with a polishing cloth.

6. Store in a cool, dry place.

7. Discolouration and damages from everyday wear are not considered as manufacturing defects. Exude will not be responsible and request for return due to this reason will not be entertained. 





1. Store credits are issued in the form of a giftcard, containing a giftcode.

2. If your giftcard is accrued from a return of your previous order, it will be issued within 10 working days from the date we received your parcel.

3. Kindly note that giftcode that has a similar format (e.g NORETURN1088XXXX) WILL NOT be eligible for future return. Any item being sent back to us will be rejected.

4. Your giftcard will be issued and sent to your email address we have in our records.

5. You can check the balance of your giftcard by referring to the email containing your giftcode.

6. Store credits do not have an expiry date.

7. Store credits can be used for any purchase, including sales and fab find items, as well as postage matters.

8. Store credits are strictly non-transferable.

9. Purchases made with gift card/store credits are are NOT eligible for returns.






1. Pre-orders are opened for upcoming new arrivals and are usually available during the pre-order period. Backorders are opened for sold out items and are usually available during the backorder period only.

2. Arrival time for different items differ and are usually stated under the individual items.

3. If pre-order has closed but the item(s) are still reflected as available, it means there are extras and you can proceed to cart out.

4. We apologize that there may be delayed or cancelled pre-orders due to unforeseen circumstances such as delayed shipment, lack of fabric, insufficient stocks arrived etc. For delayed backorders, cancellations of orders are not applicable. For cancelled backorders, a store credit will be issued accordingly. There will strictly not be any cash refunds.

5. In the event the order has an in-stock piece and a backorder item, the in-stock piece will be mailed out first.









1. All prices of sale items are deemed final by Exude.



Exude reserves the right to amend the terms from time to time without prior notice. If you require any clarifications, kindly email us at contactus@exudewear.com.

Please help us to serve you better. Treat our staff as you would expect yourself to be treated. We will not hesitate to take appropriate actions against visitors or customers who mistreat our staff.


This document was last updated on 01 June 2018.